Wanted: Old South African / SILVER COINS / Foreign

Wanted: Old South African / SILVER COINS / Foreign
I am looking to buy old South African Silver Coins.
South African Rand Coins: 5c-10c-20c-50c: (ONLY COINS – Dated – 1961-1964)
South African R1 Coins: (Dated – 1965-1976)

South African Union Coins: 3d (tickey) – 6d – shilling – two shilling – two half shilling – five shilling Crowns: (Dated – 1923-1960)

I also buy old SILVER FOREIGN COINS of the World.Cash Paid for ALL SILVER COINS regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin.
Please send a list of coins you have for sale and I will make you an offer. Info: Country-Date-Denomination.

I pay cash for old – Silver cutlery, spoons, forks (any condition) – All old, broken, or unused silver Flatware.So even if it’s not in one piece it doesn’t matter, it is still worth money.
Please contact Michael by email for South African price list or visit the website for more info.

Great Britain – France – USA – Australia & South African coin price list now available on the website.
Whatsapp: 083 5910 102
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