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Lime24 have an effective and valuable service delivery when it comes to getting a quick cash loan.

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In times when bills and emergency payments pop up, especially when we don’t need them, or not equipped for them financially, we are there to assist you. Our loan products are offered in smaller amounts, to allow our clients to pay them off sooner.

You also have the option to re-apply once your initial loan is paid off, should you need further cash to carry you through.

100% online loan application
We work entirely online, with a paperless process. By creating an easy to use online loan platform, our clients no longer need to spend time making appointments or looking for a bank that will approve their loan. We simplify all the stages of our loan applications, to ensure you can receive your loan payout in as little as 1 hour of your approved application. We also have a team of experienced consultants on hand should you need any further advice or information.

Get approved and your cash in minutes
You can borrow up to R2 100 and pay it off by your next pay day!

Get easy loan approval in minutes, cash in your account in hours and money to spend as you like. Life is too short to waste time when you need a loan, contact Lime24 today!


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