SASOL – Explosives Operator x 5

Closing date:  18 January 2019

Operating entity:  Base Chemicals

Location: Northern Cape (Kolomela x 3 and UMK Mine x 2)

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Base Chemicals

Base Chemicals markets a broad portfolio of commodity chemicals globally. The business consists of three key divisions: Polymers, Solvents, and Explosives & Fertilisers (E&F).

Our key products include: polymers (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride);solvents (ketones, alcohols, acrylates), chlor-alkali chemicals (caustic soda, hydrochloric acid) and mining reagents (cyanide);bulk and packaged explosives including specialised blasting accessories; ammonium nitrate base products; and sulphur derivatives.

To support our customers we operate a Polymer Technology Services Centre that provides research and development relating to polymer-related applications.  We also provide agronomic and product support to our fertiliser customers as well as full blasting service and product support to our mining industry customers.


To provide support in the charging and blasting related functions at open cast mines.


Business Results: Safety, Operational, Financial and Technical results

  • Identify the correct product for the application
  • Identify incorrect charging up practices
  • Conduct blast surveys according to the designed criteria
  • Demonstrate the charging up and connecting of all Sasol explosives products
  • Apply the use of the product as per the product application training
  • Apply the safe handling, storage and transport of explosives
  • Investigate misfires/cut offs
  • Demonstrate the application of: SafeBlast™, and SafeStart™ products
  • Ensure correct PPE is used, as well as that PPE is in good condition and correctly worn/used
  • Housekeeping of work area
  • Identify workplace hazards and associated risks and deal with it appropriately.
  • Knowledge of relevant hand tools
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Comply with the Mine’s safety and health procedures
  • Attend the mine’s induction training
  • Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues
  • Assess the product application practices
  • Identify incorrect product application practices
  • Demonstrate and coach the correct practices



  • Gr 12 or equivalent (must)
  • Drivers Licence C1 (Must)


  • 2 years Open Cast mining experience (will be an advantage)
  • Competency A&B (advantage will be an advantage)
  • Blaster Assistant Skills Programme (will be an advantage)


  • Self-Mastery – Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting.
  • Working independently.
  • Demonstrate skills to apply Sasol products correctly
  • Know safety precautions
  • Communication skills
  • Must be able to conduct blast surveys/observations
  • Reporting (customer and line supervisor).
  • Maintain basic safety, health and environmental issues
  • Identify development needs
  • Creative thinking to ensure the core information is understood by learners

To Apply

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