Learner Fire Fighter


-Grade 12 qualification (Mathematics and Physical Science preferred)
-18 years or older
-Must not suffer from fear of confined spaces or heights
-Must be medically and physically fit
-Must be able to work in a team and cope with stressful situations
-No Criminal Record
-Successful candidates must be available to start training on 1 June 2020
-Successfully complete the Firefighter 1, Firefighter 2, Hazmat Awareness, Hazmat Operations and First Aid Level 3 courses presented by the learning institution

Key Performance Areas
Please Note:

-Candidates need to pass a Fire and Rescue standard physical assessment comprising of the following:
-Practical assessment comprising:

Assessment         Male                                 Female
Reach Test           1,9 m
2,4 km run            Complete under 11 Min    Complete under 13 Min.
Push – ups            Complete 30 in 60 Sec.    Complete 20 in 60 Sec.
Sit-ups                  Complete 30 in 60 Sec.    Complete 20 in 60 Sec.
Dead Load carry 2 x 25kg over a distance of 100m

-Acrophobia and Claustrophobia tests.
-Candidates must also pass a written assessment (Mathematics and comprehension), interview, medical evaluation and substance abuse test PRIOR to appointment.

Special conditions attached to the post:

-Non-permanent contract position for duration of training
-Candidates will only be appointed to permanent Learner Fire Fighter position on successful completion of the prescribed training programme
-Required to wear a uniform and protective clothing

How To Apply: Apply Online

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