SAB: Brewing In-Service Training

Job Description

SAB is offering Brewing In-Service Training Programme to applicants that have a suitable qualification need for this opportunity. The main aim for this In-Service Training Programme is to operate and maintain the within Brewing or Packaging process to achieve optimal equipment effectiveness. This programme is for students from the University of Technology who requires to complete core and elective modules in their logbooks to obtain a National Higher Diploma ONLY on the following fields: Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

SAB’s success is not just about the quality ingredients they put in their globally loved brands, it’s about the ingredients they select and combine to produce a top global enterprise. The company look for intelligence, fresh thinking, people chemistry, integrity, self-reliance and a great business head. Then they mix these qualities with passion and care to produce the best calibre of artisans and business leaders for SAB and ABI.


  • National Diploma: Chemical, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • Understand the chemical process of brewing the beer or the Packaging Process
  • Provided an opportunity to fulfill their experiential training or plant operation exposure
  • Monitor Process Performance
  • Work in teams
  • PC Literacy

Brewing In-Service Training at SAB


  • Ability to work
  • Team player
  • Vigilant with a bias for action
  • Attention to details
  • Problem solving ability
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